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Listed below are survey reviews by companies who have worked with Amplitude Research. Learn more about why we are one of the leading mail and online survey companies.

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"Few things are more important to successful management of the modern corporation than knowing the attitudes and concerns of our workforce...Invaluable investment in gathering and understanding information."

Rydex Funds
"We're very impressed with Amplitude's ability to create [the custom technology] advanced features per our specifications. Their work on this project has been nothing short of phenomenal... We look forward to working with Amplitude on this ongoing project, as well as on all of our future web survey analysis needs."

Vandyke Software
"We have worked with a number of research firms in the past, but feel we have found an ideal, long-term partner in Amplitude Research. Amplitude took the time to really understand the nature of our market and industry segment, as well as the goals we had for the survey project, and suggested a number of improvements we might have otherwise overlooked. The reports and analysis Amplitude provided were outstanding tools that allowed us to drill down and identify the most compelling story lines for the survey."

"Amplitude has been able to provide efficient and accurate services for both small and large projects. Regardless of project size, Amplitude's level of service, precision, and competence has been outstanding."

Esker Software
"The survey results along with Amplitude's analysis provided our sales and marketing teams at Esker with valuable insights on marketplace trends and perceptions."

"The nationwide benchmarking lent a great deal to the context and validity of responses."

"We were very impressed with the survey process and were impressed with the high number of employees that completed the survey, which indicates that it was employee user friendly."

"An online survey company with exceptional data collection technology and statistical analysis."

"The services offer invaluable tools to let upper management within any organization get a feel for the true pulse and heartbeat of its life blood, which of course is its employees."

Altarum Institute
"The response rate far exceeded our expectations...the results that we'll be announcing... will provide a whole new level of insight about how e-business affects automotive supply chains."

"I was impressed with Amplitude's attention to detail, accuracy, and adherence to an aggressive schedule."

Dearborn Public Schools
"...Then [we] found Amplitude Research, a company that does online surveys for a reasonable cost...The beauty of the online survey is that any Dearborn resident could take it anytime, anywhere."

Lake Superior State University
"The professional staff at Amplitude Research was easy to work with and very helpful. They went beyond the call of duty in their support of us and we found the customer service to be extremely responsive to our needs."

Cranbrook Schools
"By launching a web-based survey using Amplitude's methods of data collection, we were able to cost-effectively reach our alumni...The one thing that stood out from this survey was that the candid text responses provided a wealth of valuable information."

"This report is a "must read" before making a decision on choosing a load testing vendor."

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