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Customer Feedback Surveys

At Amplitude Research, we specialize in effective customer feedback surveys and customer loyalty surveys that help our clients enhance customer retention and improve sales performance. Our surveys allow an organization to better understand specific areas of customer interaction that need improvement and, in some cases, immediate attention. Our well-designed customer feedback surveys can also help an organization identify new opportunities for growth.

Professional Design of Customer Feedback Surveys

The Amplitude approach is to spend as much time as needed in the design phase because survey design and questionnaire writing is perhaps the most important step in the administration of customer feedback surveys. There is little point in launching a customer survey unless the questionnaire effectively addresses the needs of the organization and customers are given an opportunity to provide critical feedback in areas of potential concern. Our in-house statisticians, Ph.D. researchers and design experts ensure that our clients get accurate results from their customer feedback surveys.

Expert Advice

Amplitude has extensive experience administering single wave studies as well as ongoing customer feedback surveys applying wave-to-wave results measurement. Many of our clients ask our statistical team to design a new customer survey and establish baseline measurements, which can be used in subsequent administrations or as part of a customer retention survey program.

Amplitude Research offers all methods of data collection including online survey hosting, mail, and telephone research. Our experts can recommend the best single approach, or a combination of methodologies, depending on a client's sample quality, sample size, and project goals for the client survey.

Flexible Services

Each customer feedback survey is assigned to one of our experienced project managers to guarantee the best possible survey for customer feedback with clear and concise reporting of key findings. Full-service projects are typically assigned one of our statisticians or Ph.D. professionals.

Amplitude's slogan is "loud and clear" because we work hard to ensure quality results from each of our customer feedback surveys and tailor our high-quality reporting to each client's needs and budget. We are known for our superior data analysis and reporting services, including report writing and custom tabulations.

Amplitude serves a diverse list of clients in such fields as high technology, automotive supply, educational services, travel and leisure, insurance, financial services, consulting, publishing, temporary employment, and gaming.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our customer feedback surveys.

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