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About Our Market Research Firm

Amplitude Research is one of the leading full-service market research firms specializing in consumer, b2b, and technology online market research surveys. Our experienced staff, top quality web panels, and advanced research technologies allow us to deliver high quality results to best meet the needs and budget of each and every client.

Our organization is expert in all kinds of quantitative research studies ranging from ad testing and brand awareness to retail marketing surveys and new product launches. Examples of the types of studies we can administer include:

  • Ad awareness
  • Ad testing
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand loyalty
  • Segmentation studies
  • Concept testing
  • Copy testing
  • Retail marketing research
  • Market positioning
  • Product launches
  • Census matching

Quantitative Research Methodologies

Our marketing research firm is highly skilled in all types of quantitative research design and data collection including online, mail, and telephone surveys. We differentiate ourselves through our high levels of personalized service, broad array of market research resources, expert survey design and administration, advanced software technologies, sampling expertise, and skilled team of research statisticians. Our experience and expertise allows our firm to customize each market research study to best meet your goals and provide actionable results with speedy, reliable service.

Qualitative Research Services

Amplitude Research also offers highly skilled professional services in such areas as executive interviewing, in-person focus groups, online focus groups, online bulletin board groups, IDIs, intercept surveys, consumer-generated video exercises, real-time videoconferencing interviews, and all kinds of field research. We can handle every aspect of your study from planning and recruitment through the presentation of findings. Many of Amplitude's qualitative research studies are conducted in concert with our quantitative research services as pre-quantitative or post-quantitative exercises, although we can also provide standalone qualitative research. Our experienced staff can provide coverage for in-person qualitative projects throughout the Midwest, Northeast, and Southern regions of the United States including the state of Florida. Our qualitative capabilities cover many different industry groups including highly technical fields such as technology and engineering.

Organizations of Marketing Research Firms

Amplitude Research is a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA), Marketing Research Association (MRA), Interactive Marketing Research Organization (IMRO), and Marketing Research Association of South Florida. Both the MRA and IMRO publish and administer standards of professional conduct for all market research firms that are member organizations.

Types of Research Provided by our Market Research Firm

Some quantitative market research firms are highly specialized with regard to the types of studies they will administer. At Amplitude Research, we have experience in many different kinds of research studies with a focus on consumer market research, b2b market research, IT studies, low-incidence surveys, census match studies, general population research, and all kinds of brand awareness and brand positioning studies.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about why we are one of the top market research firms.

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