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Omnibus Surveys

Amplitude Research also offers multi-client marketing surveys at sharply reduced prices. This concept, often referred to as "omnibus surveys", is based on client sharing of survey sample and respondent eligibility in a single survey instrument. Plus, we offer a range of professional services including drafting of questionnaires and comprehensive reporting services.

Significant Cost Savings

Client participation in omnibus surveys can result in significant cost savings as well as reduced sampling margins of error due to the affordability of larger interviewing groups. For example, if five clients are participating in an omnibus survey with a target survey population in the technology sector, the research questionnaire might have 55 questions in total and 400 survey respondents qualified as software / web developers. Each client would be entitled to view the results for five standard demographic questions (such as job function, years in the IT sector, size of employer, etc.) plus ask 10 custom questions not seen by the other client participants. A single client administration of a survey of IT professionals might cost as much as $12,000 not including design and reporting services. But structured as an omnibus survey, the total cost can be as low as $2,500. That's a savings of close to $10,000!

Types of Omnibus Surveys

Amplitude concentrates its omnibus surveying on subjects where it has specialized research expertise, proprietary survey panels, and ongoing demand for similar respondent criteria:

  • Nationwide Consumer Surveys with Census Matching
  • Surveys of Small Business Owners (1 to 100 employees)
  • Surveys of IT Professionals

Typical completion counts are 400 completes for omnibus IT surveys and small business surveys, and 1,000 completes for nationwide census match studies using a balanced send. Pricing for participation in nationwide consumer surveys can be as low as $1,800 for 1,000 completes.

Upcoming omnibus surveys are announced well in advance along with a description of the respondent criteria for that survey and number of survey questions that will be accepted. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR FREE NOTIFICATION LIST.

Drafting of Survey Questionnaires

Each omnibus survey has a designated number of questions available to each participating client for a set fee. To be fair to all clients, and avoid unusually long question sets with a high percentage of open-ended questions or wordy questions / response options, each client is also restricted to a certain length in minutes. For example, the limitation might be the lesser of 10 questions or 3.5 minutes in length. In those cases where 10 questions are not adequate, a client can always purchase more than one block of questions.

Amplitude's professional staff is highly skilled in the development of questionnaires for consumer studies, small business surveys, and technology market research, and can work with each client to custom develop a research questionnaire. Our expertise extends to all types of products and services as well as the ability to reach an array of job titles / job functions through our IT, small business, and general consumer panels. Pricing for review or drafting of 10 survey questions is approximately $250.

Reporting Options

Each client exclusively owns its own survey data. This means that the results for each client's question set would be released only to that client, along with general sharing of initial screening and demographic questions. The end result is a customized report for each client with a number of completes equal to the total number of overall participants in the omnibus survey.

All surveys include an Excel data file of results along with a top-line report (bar charts of frequencies, means, medians and standard deviations). Open-ended responses would be reported in Word format. For an added fee, banner tabulations and written reports are also available.

Press Releases for Omnibus Surveys

Some clients will participate in omnibus surveys to gain further insight on new or existing produces and services. Others will use our service to better understand their brand and the success of marketing activities. A significant percentage will also be interested in using the results for their own marketing purposes such as press releases and thought leadership.

Amplitude Research has years of experience working with public relations firms and corporate marketing departments conducting IT surveys, b2b market research, and consumer census match studies. We can craft written reports that summarize the survey findings and can be distributed to the media for pr purposes. This can help shine a light on your company while also providing valuable information for internal planning purposes. Visit our company news section to view examples of headlines generated by our research efforts.

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