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First-Rate Online Survey Services

At the heart of Amplitude's professional service offerings are our expert online survey services. Each and every project is assigned a project manager experienced in programming and administration of online research surveys, who understands the unique requirements of market research, customer satisfaction surveys, and employee surveys.

Our market research service can provide our clients, and their survey participants, with an enjoyable online survey experience, with attention to the details necessary to achieve high quality feedback. This process starts and ends with a direct contact project manager, readily reachable by phone and email, who understands the importance of quick response times and can provide the level of support required for top quality survey services.

Effective Survey Administration Starts With The Programming

We follow a strict set of guidelines in the deployment of online surveys as part of our market research service. Following survey design, the first step is a programming review to determine how best to format the survey instrument to take advantage of available question formats and advanced programming logic. Our suggestions are noted on the MS Word version of the questionnaire, and sent back to the client for review and comment.

Next, our staff programs the survey questionnaire. This online survey service includes initial testing right through reporting output. Programming time can range for 24 to 72 hours, depending on the complexities of the logic and survey length.

Following deployment, each client is sent test passcodes to preview the survey online. Our online survey services do not move to field research until the client has formally approved the questionnaire. Once approval is received, the survey is launched.

Online Survey Services and Email List Management

Our online survey services include comprehensive list management for customer and online employee surveys. Service offerings include list cleaning, drafting of email content, email distributions, compliance with applicable online research guidelines such as the CAN-SPAM Act, maintenance of an unsubscribe link, compilation of a file of hard bounce backs, and full technical support for survey participants. We can also suggest best practice subject headers for email distributions.

Online Survey Services and Field Management

Your assigned project manager is regularly in contact with you providing field updates of results. It is our responsibility to monitor data collection and survey completions in accordance with the project guidelines. In addition, our market research service includes application of required quota stops for market research surveys.

Data Cleaning

One of the most important online survey services we provide is experienced data cleaning. This is an ongoing service provided while the survey is the field and immediately following the completion of data collection. We apply our proprietary respondent timers as well as more traditional cleaning methods such as straight-line checks, contradictory response checks, negative question comparisons, and verbatim comment reviews for gibberish or other "garbage".

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our online survey services and market research service.

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