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Online Employee Surveys

Amplitude Research® is expert in the design and administration of online employee surveys that cover many different aspects of the employment relationship, are specifically developed for existing employees or as a new employee survey, and provide employee survey results in a clear, understandable manner. We welcome both small and large size studies as well as multi-language / multi-mode projects. Our staff is also experienced in conducting a full-service teacher evaluation by students using online methodologies.

Expert Questionnaire Design

We have years of experience in the writing of workplace employee survey questionnaires. Our question library covers such topics as supervision, strategic direction, promotional opportunities, co-workers, teams, work life interfaces, career development, work environment, and much more. Clients can use our library to discover areas of interest as well as for question selection, which is enhanced by custom question writing provided by our experienced professional staff. The end result is a top quality online employee survey using reliable question and answer sets customized to your specific needs and budget.

Top Quality Software

The flexibility and robust features of our research software enhances the feedback process and reliability of the response data. Key features include pre-populated fields of demographic information (such as job location, job title, etc.); use of complicated skip patterns and branching methods based on respondent answers; and variable inserts of managerial, supervisory, and other respondent-specific information so that a single online employee survey can be customized for each respondent.

Anonymous Data Collection

Amplitude administers online employee surveys using unique login name and password combinations, which provides "guaranteed anonymity" by automatically deleting all links between a respondent and his/her answers at the time of survey login. For longer length questionnaires, we offer "save and return later" functionality, where a respondent link is automatically deleted at the time of each respondent's survey completion so that he/she can return multiple times, as needed, to finish the questionnaire.

Expert Project Management

Each full-service online employee survey is assigned an experienced project manager who provides personalized service delivered in a timely, responsive manner. Our coordinated professional services covering the design, administration and reporting process can result in more reliable, actionable feedback. Our full-service online employee surveys include questionnaire writing, list management, distribution of email invitations and reminder notices, programming, survey hosting, technical support for participants, and comprehensive reporting of results.

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