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Mail Surveys

mail surveys

Amplitude Research has over eight years of experience consulting on and managing mail survey projects including employee surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, and market research surveys. Each year we administer over one million mail surveys ranging in size from 500 to over 300,000 participants.

Comprehensive Mail Survey Services

We are a full-service mail survey company. Our services include administration of one-time research projects as well as ongoing customer tracking studies with monthly or quarterly mailings and related reporting services. Examples of the services we offer include:

  • questionnaire writing
  • print and mail
  • use of tracking ids
  • complex variable inserts
  • use of our business reply mail account
  • language translations
  • data entry
  • awards fulfillment
  • verbatim comment coding
  • data analysis and reporting

Combined Online and Mail Surveys

Amplitude Research also has extensive experience designing and administering combined mail and online customer surveys. All online research is deployed on our proprietary survey hosting platform offering over 60 different question formats including variable inserts of pre-designated participant information. Each mailing includes a variable insert of a tracking code / unique login to the online survey, with the tracking code used for de-duping purposes.

Print and Mail Expertise

Amplitude has worked with the same two print shops for over five years and has established rigid quality-control procedures. Each printer can accommodate large volume printings and offers full-service fulfillment (print, insert, meter, and mail.) Our ongoing volume of mail surveys allows us to offer our clients highly competitive pricing on all print and mail services including projects with extensive variable insert requirements.

Collection of Mail Surveys

Completed questionnaires are returned directly to our postal account for collection, sorting and data entry. This allows our clients to take advantage of reduced postage rates available through our business reply mail account.

In-House Data Entry

We welcome both small and large volume mail survey projects and can provide contemporaneous Spanish to English language translations. All envelope opening and data entry takes place as completed questionnaires arrive so that we can provide our clients with ongoing respondent counts.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our administration of mail surveys and the related services we can provide for both market research and customer satisfaction surveys.

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Survey Reporting
mail survey reporting

The term "Amplitude" Research and its tagline "loud and clear" signify Amplitude's high-quality survey reporting ....

survey reporting