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Comprehensive Teacher Evaluation by Students

Amplitude Research is expert in the administration of student satisfaction surveys and teacher evaluation programs for students. Our staff can provide general study design, writing of the teacher evaluation form for students, full-service survey administration including the use of pre-populated student teacher evaluations, and comprehensive reporting with customized reporting metrics.

Online Student Survey of Teacher Performance

To get started, the participating high school, college or university provides us with a list of students and their assigned teachers, locations, and/or class numbers. We then program the student teacher evaluation form so that each student only views his or her assigned teacher evaluations with variable insert into the online questionnaire of the teacher’s name, class, and other desired information.

An online teacher evaluation by students can be administered by email invitation with a unique login link inserted into each email or through the use of unique login passwords with the survey login address distributed to each student for use in classrooms or designated computer rooms at school locations. At login, a series of teacher evaluation forms will automatically appear for each student survey of teacher performance and include the number of evaluations assigned to that student.

Our expertise in conducting online customer surveys can increase response rates and the reliability of response data. Our client simply provides us with a data file of student / teacher information that includes all fields required for the student survey of teacher performance and we provide all needed online survey services.

Paper Teacher Evaluation by Students

A paper student teacher evaluation form works much in the same way as an online teacher evaluation form for students except that each student would manually enter his or her name, teacher’s name, and classroom information. Then, the completed forms are sent to us in bulk for data entry and merger with the original data file containing pre-populated fields of additional student or teacher information. Student anonymity can be enhanced through the use of general drop-off areas or well-placed drop boxes to avoid instructor collection or their viewing of completed teacher evaluation forms.

Student Satisfaction Survey of School Performance

A general student satisfaction survey is more similar to alumni surveys than a student survey of teacher performance. Instead of using a teacher evaluation form for students, the questionnaire can address such issues as overall student experience, educational quality, social environment, social interactions, college counseling, technology, athletics, and a broad array of other aspects of the student experience. Our experienced staff works with our educational client to design a school-specific student satisfaction survey that can be used in multiple survey administrations to establish an initial performance benchmark and measure the success of ongoing modifications or enhancements.

Student Teacher Evaluation Reports

We offer a number of options for reporting of a teacher evaluation by students. Client selections can range from reporting by location, department, or subject, to individual reporting for each teacher based on the assigned student teacher evaluations. Our client need only advise us as to the number of roll-ups it needs for management review and identify the assigned sub-groups in the original data file of the student teacher evaluation information. Our statistical staff uses that information to develop internal scoring analytics for each teacher based on comparison with the collective student surveys of teacher performance segmented by department, location, overall rating, and/or other agreed-upon metrics. Wave-to-wave administrations can also include analytics comparing prior performance evaluations and scores.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our evaluations of teacher performance, student satisfaction surveys, or other customer related survey services.

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