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Market research surveys are what we do at Amplitude Research, a boutique firm with the in-house capabilities for all types of survey and marketing research projects. We provide comprehensive market research surveys on multiple platforms - telephone, mail, web hosting or any combination.

We do our own survey design, questionnaire writing, programming, hosting, quota management, statistical services, and data analysis, with skilled project managers overseeing the entire process. We can design and deploy custom market research surveys targeting any type of respondents, from difficult to reach online panelists to hundreds of thousands of broadly selected mail survey participants.

Superior Panels

Amplitude and our select panel partners provide superior sampling for online market research studies. Our Panelspeak® online panel includes general consumers, small business owners, business executives, IT professionals, and over 100 different sampling selects, allowing us to tailor our paid market research surveys to our clients' specific goals.

We can target respondents based on a variety of research goals and market demographics, including age, gender, HHI, education level, geographic location, ethnicity, business occupation, industry group, employer size, influence on business or marketing purchases, and over 75 different personal habit and recreational interest data points. Our online panel is supplemented from a small group of reliable providers who conform to our high standards for paid market research surveys.

Complete Services

Amplitude's marketing research services begin long before our panelists answer a question. We have professional survey designers, experts in questionnaire writing and skilled survey programmers on staff to ensure our market research surveys achieve results.

And we host our marketing research surveys in house, using our own software, giving us the flexibility to tailor each survey to an individual client. We can easily design surveys to include advanced skip logic, branching, piping, Flash video streaming, ad copy testing, and over 50 different question or logic formats.

Exceptional Results

All our market research surveys include rigorous data cleaning and the use of timers to identify respondents who rush through questionnaires. There is never a charge for data cleaning. Once the data is refined, we can provide the raw data, or generate detailed reports that are clear and concise and include banner tabulations with significance testing, weighting, segmentation analysis and other statistical services, as needed.

Industries Served

Amplitude Research has designed multiple surveys for market research. This market research has provided insightful data to multiple companies, which in turn helped them improve their services and analyze their strengths. This modern yet professional work approach has provided us the opportunity to work with blue-chip clients from industries like:

  • Travel and Leisure
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Publishing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Government
  • Mining
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications

Case Studies

Find out how our market research surveys helped a government agency gather important feedback concerning the travel plans and ad awareness of visitors from the United States, Europe, and South America to a large theme park and surrounding areas Here > >

Find out how our market research surveys helped a security software developer gather important feedback from IT professionals through a series of ongoing surveys concerning network security, IT security spending, security best practices, and other technology issues Here > >

Find out how our market research surveys helped a large financial services company gather important data from registered investment advisors concerning their services, investment disciplines, risk indicators, use of alternative investments, and marketing methods Here > >

Market Research Survey Template

Please click on the image of the Survey Questionnaire Sample below to view a sample survey form:

Market Research Survey Sample

Please contact us to learn more about our market research surveys. Our pricing is always highly competitive.

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PanelspeaK® Survey Panel

Panelspeak® is Amplitude's market research survey panel. Since 2002, our market research firm has provided clients with high quality sample for consumer, B2B and other online market research surveys. Our panelist profiles include numerous demographic data points and recreational interests as well as business occupation, employer size, small business ownership, and influence on business or marketing purchases.