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Technology Market Research

Amplitude Research has 15 years of experience administering online technology surveys and reaching IT professionals and other users of technology products and services. We can help you custom design a survey questionnaire for your specific market, engage survey sample, program and host the questionnaire, and provide a range of reporting services from top-line reports to full PowerPoint presentations. Our services include technology surveys focusing on customer use, awareness, and satisfaction with your products or services as well as technology market research that shines a spotlight on key issues in the IT sector.

Unparalleled Sample for Technology Market Research

Amplitude's technology market research panel was launched in early 2002 and is supplemented by our partner network of technology newsletters and select sample providers specializing in technology studies. This allows us to blend our sources of IT professionals to engage a variety of titles, company profiles, and technology expertise. Examples of pre-identified profiles include software developers, systems / network administrators, manager level or higher IT professionals, business executives at technology companies, and various other technology professionals such as project managers, network security experts, and intranet managers.

Examples of Completed Technology Surveys

We have completed numerous technology surveys covering such topics as network security, file transfers, email filtering, firewall appliances, document delivery solutions, search engine optimization, e-business supply chains, software purchasing preferences, load-testing of web-based applications, and IT employment levels. Our services can include expert advice on survey content, helping to identify the best job titles or job functions to efficiently obtain survey respondents, programming of technology surveys to maximize the research pathways, and advanced survey data analysis.

Global Technology Surveys

While we specialize in North American (U.S. and Canada) technology market research, we can also reach IT professionals in other countries through our network of foreign sample providers. Our services include language translations and web survey hosting of technology surveys in the native language for each country, with delivery of a single integrated file of results with country identifiers.

Increase Your Brand Awareness Through Press Coverage

Over the years, Amplitude Research has been frequently cited by the media for its expertise in the field of technology market research. In many cases, we are asked by our client to assist in press coverage of the findings from a technology survey, including review of press release language for statistical accuracy. Our service offerings also include media reports that can be used by clients for public information and general marketing purposes. Partner with us in press coverage for spotlighting of key findings.

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