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Survey Reporting

survey data analysis

Amplitude Research is known for its survey data analysis and survey reporting capabilities. We use our proprietary software technologies and experienced team of statisticians and survey reporting professionals to deliver clear and concise reports ranging from less expensive top-line reporting to highly customized reports based on in-depth analysis by professional statisticians.

Survey Reporting Options

At Amplitude Research, we understand that different clients have different needs, and we can help you select the survey reporting options that achieve your unique objectives and fit your budget:

  •   Raw survey data files in various formats (e.g., Excel or SPSS)
  •   Top-line automated reporting with question response frequencies and bar charts
  •   Collated "verbatim files" with comments to open-ended survey questions
  •   "Banner tabulations" by selected subgroups with statistical significance testing
  •   Advanced survey data analysis by professional statisticians
  •   Concise "Executive Summary" written reports
  •   Full written reports in PowerPoint or Word format that include detailed findings
Custom Banner Tabulations at Affordable Prices

Amplitude developed its survey reporting software to generate automated tabulations from response data. This allows us to quickly generate custom banner reports of survey data at affordable prices.

Analytical Capabilities

Amplitude Research has extensive experience designing and conducting complex research studies, analyzing survey data, thoroughly addressing research objectives, applying advanced statistical techniques, and summarizing study findings for decision-makers. Some of the statistical techniques commonly applied by Amplitude include the following:

  • Statistical testing - t-tests, ANOVA, etc.
  • Correlation analysis
  • CHAID analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Choice based conjoint (CBC)
  • Choice modeling
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Econometric modeling
  • Experimental design
  • Factor analysis
  • Hierarchical Bayes utility estimation for CBC
  • Latent class analysis
  • Multiple regression analysis
  • Perceptual mapping
  • Segmentation analysis
  • and many more...
Private Label Survey Reporting

Our IT staff can also develop and deploy custom reporting solutions with ongoing survey hosting, wave-to-wave results measurement, delivery of personalized reports for each respondent, and full support services.

All of our survey data analysis and reporting projects are managed by statisticians with years of experience in custom market research and customer satisfaction studies.

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