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Survey Design - Study Design and Questionnaire Writing

At Amplitude Research, we have extensive experience crafting questionnaires according to principles of scientific survey design, fine-tuned for measurement validity, readability, and effective survey flow.

Our expertise includes all types of studies including online, mail, and telephone surveys. Our professional staff of experienced statisticians, Ph.D. survey researchers and other research professionals is involved, as needed, in each step of the survey design process. Our services can range from efficient review and comment on client-provided questionnaires to full-scale study design and questionnaire writing from scratch.

Full Range of Survey Design Services

Our services include advice on sample size and sample balancing, Census matching, market research consulting for awareness, branding, product launches and other types of customized studies, market segmentation studies, conjoint experimental design, questionnaire writing, and advice on survey method and survey length.

Online Survey Design

We are experts in all phases of online survey design and questionnaire formatting for all types of customer, employee and market research studies. Our services include design of the underlying survey instrument as well as designing surveys to maximize the benefits of our proprietary survey research software and its advanced programming features.

Proprietary Library - Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Our library includes over 1,500 customer satisfaction survey questions covering 20 key subject areas. Topics include product quality, delivery performance, information technology, cooperation, communications, billing practices, online transactions, interpersonal skills, after-sale service, and e-procurement.

Proprietary Library - Job Satisfaction Surveys

Our employment library includes over 500 job satisfaction survey questions covering 20 key subject areas. Topics include supervision, strategic direction, promotional opportunities, co-workers, teams, work life interfaces, career development, and work environment.

Continuity of Services

Many of our clients request full-service research that includes survey design, data collection and data analysis / report writing. To insure high quality results, the same Amplitude professional is typically assigned to both the survey design and reporting phases of the project. For example, the statistician assigned to writing the questionnaire will also analyze the survey data and write the report. We believe this continuity results in better overall survey design, higher quality reports, and lower costs for our clients

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