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Amplitude Research is an online research company that specializes in the application of robust online research tools. We are experts in survey development, administration of online research surveys, and processing of results using an assortment of customizable online research tools.

Our internal processes including ongoing professional evaluations of new software offerings, implementation of enhanced features for our own online research tools, and discussion of client requests and ideas for enhancement of online research surveys.

Since 2002, our online research company has provided clients with cutting edge research technologies and expert survey administration for all types of online market research and online customer surveys.

Understanding the Different Kinds of Online Research Tools

There are many different online research companies offering a variety of online research tools. One kind of online research company provides self-service online research surveys where the user creates and administers surveys using SaaS online research tools and pays a monthly usage or per participant fee. This approach can provide users with a low-cost alternative but, in many cases, the less expensive vendors do not offer advanced programming capabilities such as skip logic, piping, randomization, rotations, or robust comment fields. In addition, restrictions may apply on survey length and number of participants.

Another online research tool is provided by software vendors that license their survey software for installation by the user on the user's own servers or in a Cloud environment. This can be an excellent investment for an online research company or other end user provided there is an ongoing need for online research surveys that justifies the research investment, and a willingness to invest in the infrastructure needed to host and support the software. Many of these software vendors now also offer hosted solutions where a user can annually license online research tools. The more expensive providers offer a broad range of advanced features, with the major differences often being ease of use, number of advanced features, reporting capabilities, and pricing structure.

Our online research company offers a full-service approach to online research surveys. This concept means a professional project manager is assigned to each survey, and our staff administers the entire survey process using our online research tools. The user does not need to login to a SaaS site and use self-service, and does not need to install software or understand how to use and administer a licensed solution. Our clients simply send us a Word version of the questionnaire, and our professional staff reviews the instrument for programming suggestions, programs and administers the online research survey, cleans the survey data, and provides the results in the desired reporting format. Most importantly, we can often provide a significant return on investment given our expertise in programming and administration, and the robust online research tools used by or company.

There's More – We Also Provide Professional Services

Our online research company is more than an expert in programming and administration of online research surveys. Our arsenal includes a range of advanced online research tools used for data analysis, verbatim coding, and other reporting options. Our in-house statisticians can also provide project monitoring, statistical analysis of the results, and summary or full written reports of key findings.

Our online research company can also provide comprehensive survey design and questionnaire writing fine-tuned to the research objectives of our client. We have extensive experience in all types of online research surveys including market research surveys, customer satisfaction, and employee studies.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our online research surveys or online survey services, or view examples of our online research tools.

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