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Telephone Surveys

Amplitude Research has over eight years of experience managing telephone surveys for market research and customer satisfaction surveys. Our telephone survey services include management of all different size projects including large-volume telephone interviewing and low incidence studies.

Amplitude's services typically focus on full-service projects involving members of our project management team and statistical services staff. Services we can provide include study design, questionnaire writing, sample selection, pre-testing, ongoing monitoring of data collection, data cleaning, and comprehensive reporting services.

Overview of Our Services for Telephone Surveys

Our telephone survey expertise includes a broad range of service offerings:

  • study design
  • questionnaire writing
  • sample procurement
  • list management
  • pre-test interviewing
  • field monitoring
  • data cleaning
  • verbatim coding
  • foreign language interviewing
  • survey data analysis
Expertise in Census Matching

Amplitude's statistical services staff has extensive knowledge of sample selection techniques for telephone surveys, best use of RDD and listed sample, use of listed sample augments, and implementation of quotas and sub-quotas. Nationwide RDD is generally matched with quotas established on a four-region basis (Northeast, Midwest, South, West) given the different time zones.

Telephone surveys are monitored with early listening and field reviews of collected data. Incidence rate assumptions are defined in advance so that each client has a clear understanding of the sampling quote. Our approach is to establish a sampling method and use of listed sample augments based on each client’s budget and needs to produce the best possible data set.

State-Of-The-Art Interviewing Facilities

Amplitude's telephone surveys are always conducted from domestic facilities using state-of-the-art interviewing stations with experienced telephone interviewers. We offer both day and evening interviewing shifts, supervised by skilled professionals with years of telephone survey expertise.

Foreign Language Telephone Surveys

We welcome Spanish and Portuguese language telephone survey projects using interviewers skilled in the appropriate dialects for different Central and South American countries, including interviewing of Cuban-Americans. Full-service language translation services are also available with foreign language verbatim coding.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our telephone surveys.

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