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International Market Research

Amplitude Research offers full-service international market research surveys including survey hosting, survey sample, web survey administration, and survey reporting services. Our international marketing research clients include U.S. companies conducting surveys in one or more foreign countries, and non-U.S. companies conducting surveys in the United States and elsewhere.

Simplifying the International Market Research Process

Amplitude's approach to global market research is to provide our clients with an easy-to-use service that results in highly efficient data collection and reporting services. Clients in need of international market research need only provide us with an English language version of the survey questionnaire and identify the targeted countries and required sub-quotas for each location.

Our experienced staff will translate the surveys into the native language of each country, program the online questionnaires, administer data collection including monitoring of completes and sub-quotas, translate verbatim responses, clean the survey data, code verbatim comments, and deliver the results in the desired language and reporting format.

Global Research Software

Amplitude's research software is designed for international market research projects and supports almost all foreign language sets including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and German. Respondent keyboards are recognized and seamlessly directed to the targeted language, or respondents can select the desired language at our survey login page.

Professional Survey Administration

Each project is assigned a highly skilled project manager who works directly with our client and provides full-service administration of all aspects of the international market research study. Amplitude offers a full range of survey administration services that enhance the overall survey process and results in an enjoyable experience for both our clients and their survey participants.

Global Market Research and Data Cleaning

Through the use of Amplitude’s proprietary respondent timers, we monitor the survey completion time of each respondent and discard response data from respondents who rush through survey questionnaires. This approach is critical in global market research studies as it allows us to efficiently clean the survey data in concert with other data checks, and provide our clients with high quality feedback from all locations and languages participating in the research study.

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