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Job Satisfaction Surveys

Amplitude Research is expert in the administration of job satisfaction surveys including creation of internal baselines of measurement, application of anonymous survey technologies, and surveys of employee engagement. We offer a full-service approach from design to data collection and reporting analysis services. Many of our projects include recurring semi-annual or annual surveys of employee satisfaction.

We can also provide a full-service solution for a workplace and employee survey that encompasses more than job satisfaction measurement:

  • Employee turnover survey
  • Employee climate survey
  • Employee loyalty survey
  • Survey of employer sponsored health benefits

Why Measure Job Satisfaction?

It is important for organizations to recruit and retain good employees, have employees work hard on behalf of their organization, and draw on the experiences and expertise of employees to move the organization forward. By adopting a regular schedule of measuring employee satisfaction, an organization can gain a clearer picture of what HR adjustments are needed and gauge the impact of intervention programs. Amplitude offers in-depth employee job satisfaction surveys that can be fine-tuned to the needs of each client and provide timely, actionable measurement.

Internal Benchmarking Expertise

Amplitude's skilled statisticians and Ph.D. researchers can custom design job surveys to effectively measure current job satisfaction as well as establish a baseline of results for future administrations. Baselines allow an organization to make adjustments (interventions) between administrations of job satisfaction surveys and more easily understand the impact of those adjustments through comparative reports. Amplitude's expertise includes measuring employee satisfaction in such areas as work supervision, strategic direction, promotional opportunities, co-workers, teams, work life interfaces, career development, work environment, and much more.

External Benchmarking (Norms)

Amplitude also offers normative scoring using the Job Descriptive Index (JDI) and Job in General Scale (JIG). These indices allow for survey benchmarking against five key facets of the work environment as well as overall job satisfaction. Sub-group norms are also available for job level, managerial status, education, and age. The JDI and JIG underwent a comprehensive review and update in January 2009 which included the creation of completely new industry group norms for a wide range of markets and industries. The industry group norms are exclusive to Amplitude Research. To learn more about our surveys using the JDI and JIG, please visit Normative Express.

Job Satisfaction Survey Templates

Please click on an image of the Survey Questionnaire Samples below to view a sample survey form:

Job Satisfaction Survey SampleJob Satisfaction Survey Sample

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our job satisfaction surveys, job satisfaction scale, and the services we can provide.

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Best Practices

Amplitude and its team of consultants have issued a number of White Papers on best practices in measuring employee satisfaction:

  • Conducting a Successful Online Job Satisfaction Survey
  • Measuring Job Satisfaction
  • Anonymity and Successful Job Satisfaction Survey Administration
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Amplitude Research® is also expert in the design, administration, and reporting of customer satisfaction surveys...

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Here is what HR Magazine says:

"Amplitude Research, Inc. has launched...an online software tool that gives businesses an innovative and effective way to measure employee job satisfaction...The nationwide benchmarking function can provide employers a clearer picture of their workforce's attitudes and pinpoint key issues and concerns that human resource managers may need to address."

- November 26, 2006