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Field Research

Amplitude's professional staff has over 20 years of experience in the design and administration of all types of field research projects including intercept surveys and field interviewing. Our expertise covers automobile, public transportation (bus and rail), truck and freight intercepts, as well as mail, online and telephone surveys for public sector clients such as cities, states, metropolitan planning organizations, and public transit systems.

Our professional staff can provide a full-service solution, or we can work with other research providers or consultants to provide supplemental services in our areas of expertise.

Full-Service Field Interviewing

Our field research team specializes in intercept surveys in general, as well as community and urban planning studies, travel behavior surveys, and public transportation surveys using mixed mode methodologies. Examples of research services we can provide including the following:

  • design of intercept surveys
  • writing of survey instrument
  • pre-test field interviewing
  • field interviewing management
  • guidance on field research methods
  • market research fieldwork
  • data cleaning
  • coding of verbatim
  • foreign language interviews
  • data analysis and report writing

Professional Field Research

Amplitude's professional staff will ensure all necessary compliance so that the safety, security, and other local, state, and federal guidelines for field interviewing in private and/or publicly owned spaces are met. No field research is conducted without the express consent of the owner of the property and a clear understanding of applicable guidelines. Our client will receive advance drafts of all survey instruments for approval before intercept surveys begin. In addition, a senior member of our field market research team would provide onsite supervision of field interviews and ongoing monitoring of data collection activities. More specifically, a senior survey researcher would fly to the fielding location and provide in-person supervisory services to insure compliance and quality feedback.

Foreign Language Field Interviewing

We also welcome Spanish and Portuguese language intercept survey projects, including bi-lingual field interviewing at those locations with multiple language requirements. Full-service language translation services are also available for survey design and open-ended responses.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our field research interviewing and intercept survey solutions, as well as our years of experience in mail and telephone surveys for public sector / transportation clients.

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