Seamless website surveys of customers and site visitors

Seamless Website Deployment  •  Measure Visitor Satisfaction  •  Customizable Settings

Website Surveys

Amplitude's proprietary Website Expansion Pack™ provides ongoing website surveys of website visitors by incorporating Amplitude's powerful survey research software. It can be used for all types of client satisfaction surveys and for online market research.

Easy to Use, No Software to Install

Website surveys are launched on our client's web page with survey hosting seamlessly provided by Amplitude's data collection platform. There is no software to install and no software to download. A few lines of customized code are simply copied and pasted onto the client's web page(s), which "contacts" our survey engine for survey deployment.

Customizable Settings

A website survey can appear for all site visitors, or can be controlled through timers and counters for periodic deployment. In the case of returning customers or other registrants, customized survey links can be integrated within our client's existing login/registration area.

Website Satisfaction Surveys

Our Website Expansion Pack™ can also be used to conduct online customer surveys following an online transaction such as order placement, online chat, or exiting a landing page.

Seamless Data Transfer

In the case of returning customers or registrants, pre-existing demographic or other customer / transaction information can be seamlessly passed to Amplitude's platform and recorded against the survey responses of the individual respondents.

Real-time Reporting

Our proprietary real-time reporting service allows our clients to login and view Loud and Clear™ presentations of the results of their website survey. Monthly or quarterly trends analysis is also available.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our website surveys.

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