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Customer Loyalty Surveys - B2B and B2C Expertise

Maintaining existing customer relationships can often be less expensive and more productive than finding new customers. A well-crafted customer loyalty survey is an excellent way of measuring customer loyalty. It allows you to better understand your customers' needs and gauge their ongoing relationship with your organization.

Amplitude Research is expert in the design, administration and reporting of all types of customer feedback surveys including customer loyalty surveys. We can help to identify and examine those attributes most strongly related to customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Measuring Customer Loyalty

Surveys of customer loyalty and satisfaction are often measured in the same survey questionnaire. This is attributable to the strong relationship between loyalty and satisfaction, although they are sometimes not perfect substitutes as indicators of customer behavior. For example, in some instances customers could be highly satisfied with a company, but not have a strong sense of loyalty. In other instances, they might have a strong sense of loyalty, but not be entirely satisfied with the product or service a company has provided.

Amplitude's statistical services staff is deeply involved in our full-service customer loyalty surveys and can provide the data analysis necessary to better understand your customers' needs.

Customer Loyalty Surveys and Reporting Services

Amplitude's research services can include comprehensive study design and questionnaire writing as well as in-depth data analysis of the survey feedback. Our reporting deliverables provide clients with clear and concise findings that include the information they need to better understand key "drivers" of loyalty and satisfaction. This allows a company to use findings from customer loyalty surveys to prioritize its goals and improve both customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Measuring Customer Loyalty With a Performance Index

We can create a client-specific index from the survey results that takes both customer loyalty and satisfaction into account as an overall measure of performance. By incorporating both aspects into a single index, we can provide our clients with a more actionable measurement of performance, and also establish a customized benchmark for subsequent customer loyalty surveys.

Data Collection and Customer Loyalty Surveys

Amplitude's experienced professional staff provides comprehensive survey administration for all types of customer loyalty surveys. As part of the study design process, our survey professionals will advise on the best survey methodology given the client's budget, customer-type and records availability.

Amplitude Research offers our clients expertise in online customer surveys, mail surveys, and telephone surveys, or any combination.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about measuring customer loyalty and our customer loyalty surveys.

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