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Proxy Tabulation Services

Founded in 2002, ProxyTab™, a service of Amplitude Research, Inc., provides independent proxy tabulation and results certification for online and mail proxy voting. We offer full-service proxy voting services including print and mail of paper ballots, and hosted online voting areas.

ProxyTab™ focuses its election services on private organizations such as member associations, vacation time shares, non-public shareholder corporations, credit unions, non-profit organizations, labor unions, religious organizations, homeowners associations, and fraternal organizations.

ProxyTab's clients range in size from Fortune 100 companies to mid-sized homeowners' associations. We participate in more than 600,000 mailings per year of election ballots with half of those ballots including a login option to our electronic voting area.

ProxyTab™ offers the following services: design and print of notice of meeting and single or multiple page proxy forms with instructions, matched printed ballots, and reply envelopes; imprints of control numbers and names and addresses linked or unlinked with voter identities; NCOA and CASS certification of mailing addresses; automated or hand stuffing of small or large volumes of proxy ballots or materials; and ballot collection and proxy tabulation services at our corporate offices.

For online voting, ProxyTab™ can host the proxy login area on its own platform with the "look and feel" of our client's website or can provide a login link directly from the client's website to our online voting area. Or, if a client has collected voter e-mail addresses, ProxyTab™ can distribute personalized e-mail notifications in text or html format which includes a variable insert of the voter's name, control number, assigned ballots, and any other desired information. Our HTML formatting allows us to add our client's logo and colors to the notification emails.

Our clients can take advantage of significant cost savings in print and mail services due to our high volume of mailed proxy ballots and related proxy materials. We also offer sharply reduced costs for complicated ballot printing requirements, with extended capabilities for variable inserts and ballot personalization.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our election voting services.

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