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About our Survey Company

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Founded in 2002, Amplitude Research® is one of the top mail, telephone and online survey companies serving clients throughout the United States, Canada, South America, and Asia.

Our best reference is our diverse Client List, which includes commercial, educational and governmental survey projects for companies ranging in size from global Fortune 100 companies to regional organizations.

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Company Principles

Amplitude Research adopts the following principles and commitments to its customers:

  • We will never misrepresent our capabilities or expertise.
  • We will never promise delivery times that we cannot achieve.
  • We will never be satisfied with less than the highest quality work.
  • We will never stop listening to our customers.

Amplitude Research® is a proud member of the American Marketing Association (AMA), Marketing Research Association (MRA), Interactive Marketing Research Organization (IMRO), and Marketing Research Association of South Florida, and adheres to the professional guidelines for survey companies applied by these organizations. Amplitude Research is also A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Full-Service Survey Company

Amplitude's leadership team has over 70 years of combined experience in the market research and survey industry. We offer a broad array of experienced survey services in such areas as consumer market research, b2b market research, business customer satisfaction surveys, industry market research, company surveys, patient surveys, alumni surveys, and job satisfaction measurement. Overall, 75% of Amplitude's survey business is for direct clients, while 25% is for other survey companies, research departments, consulting organizations, and advertising agencies.

Experienced Professional Services

Our survey company offers a menu of services including study design, questionnaire writing, survey administration, online research, mail surveys, telephone surveys, statistical consulting, and comprehensive report writing. We are one of the leading survey companies for full-service projects, offering exceptional expertise and highly competitive pricing so that our clients can maximum their return on research investments.

High Quality Survey Panels

Since 2002, Amplitude's Panelspeak® survey panel and its stragetic partners have provided companies with high quality online sample of general consumers, small business owners, business executives, IT professionals, and over 100 different targeted selects. Full-service projects include discounted hosting fees.

Omnibus Surveys

Amplitude Research also offers multi-client omnibus surveys that can result in significant cost savings as well as reduced sampling margins of error due to the affordability of larger interviewing groups. Our omnibus surveying focuses on nationwide consumer studies with Census matching.

Expert Survey Design and Reporting Services

Amplitude Research is expert in all phases of questionnaire design, survey data analysis, and report writing, and tailors its services to each client's needs and budget.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about why we are one of the leading market research firms or to obtain additional information about our mail and online survey companies.

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10+ Years of Experience

Our blue-chip client list represents all different types of industries and markets including global Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, privately-held organizations, colleges and universities, ad agencies, consulting firms, non-profits, and other research companies.

PanelspeaK® Survey Panel

Panelspeak® is Amplitude's online market research panel. Since 2002, our online survey companies have provided clients with high quality sample for consumer, B2B and other market research surveys. Our online survey profiles include numerous demographic data points and recreational interests as well as business occupation, company size, small business ownership, and influence on business or marketing purchases.

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