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Amplitude Research® provides high-quality mail, telephone, and online survey research for consumer and b2b market research surveys, employee job satisfaction surveys, and all types of customer satisfaction, loyalty and feedback surveys. Our research services include questionnaire writing, survey hosting, survey administration, data analysis, and report writing.

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Online Survey Administration - Expert Project Management

Amplitude Research delivers best practices in all aspects of the survey research process using the latest in online research techniques for consumer and b2b market research surveys, employee surveys, and customer surveys. Each study is assigned an experienced project manager who works directly with our client and provides personalized, quick response service and expert programming and survey administration.

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Online Market Research Expertise - Effective and Timely Results

Since 2002, our online survey company has provided online research for consumer, b2b, and technology market research surveys. Our Panelspeak® web panelists are profiled on over 75 demographic, recreational, and consumer / business data points, and includes small business owners, IT professionals, and business influencers / decision makers. Together with our sample partners, we guarantee sample delivery on all quoted projects.

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Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Measurement

Amplitude Research provides full-service customer satisfaction surveys including study design, questionnaire writing, data analysis, and management friendly report writing. Our surveys can help pinpoint areas of strength or weakness and assist in understanding the root cause of a particular problem. Our experienced team of survey researchers and statisticians is expert in all phases of customer research and how best to measure both satisfaction and loyalty.

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