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B2B Market Research - 10+ Years of Experience

Amplitude Research is one of the few B2B market research companies that can target difficult-to-reach business professionals. We have the experience and expertise on staff to guarantee our clients get B2B market research that fits their specific needs. Our business-to-business market research panel includes pre-identified profiles such as industry group, size of employer, job title, income level, and influence on marketing or technology purchases.

Targeted B2B Market Research Sample

Since 2002, our Panelspeak® survey panel together with our select sample partners have provided high-quality B2B market research sample for effective business-to-business market research studies. Our proprietary online panels include specifically defined market segments from small business owners to business executives across a variety of industries. We can sample marketing managers, financial services professionals - including investment advisors and broker-dealers - and manager-level or higher decision makers. We supplement our survey panel from a small group of high-quality providers with specialized expertise in select areas of B2B market research sampling.

Examples of recently completed B2B market research studies include sales and marketing professionals at $50 million or higher companies, HR managers at small and medium-sized companies, CPAs working at public accounting firms, educators at colleges and K-12, registered investment advisors, and building construction contractors at $100 million+ companies.

Comprehensive Services

All of our B2B market research surveys are programmed by our professional staff and administered on a proprietary survey hosting platform, to maintain high survey response rates. This allows us to monitor respondent completion times, clean the response data, and gather ongoing screening information for future B2B market research projects.

We use market research software specifically designed for B2B market research studies. It supports over 50 different question and survey logic formats. Reporting options include cleaned and coded data files, top-line reports, banner tabulations, executive summaries of key findings, and full report writing.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our B2B market research services. Our pricing is always highly competitive.

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