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Marketing Surveys

Amplitude Research is expert in the design and administration of online marketing surveys. Our services can range from survey programming and administration of a client-provided questionnaire, to full-service research including study design, questionnaire writing, advanced data analysis, and custom report writing. Just let us know your specific needs and/or budget, and we will fine-tune our quote to provide the best post possible online survey services.

What is a Marketing Survey?

A marketing survey typically implies feedback from an international, nationwide, regional, or local sample of the general population to gather independent opinions about a product or service offering. However, marketing surveys can also include feedback from existing customers to better understand the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, recognition of a company's brands, understanding of and satisfaction with a company's product or service offerings, and many other activities which impact a company's bottom line. Amplitude Research is frequently asked to design and administer surveys of both segments so that the responses of customers and non-customers can be compared.

Design of a Marketing Survey Questionnaire

Typically, this phase begins with one or more conference calls between an Amplitude Research survey professional and the client representatives. Our staff is trained to ask the right questions to identify the information needed to draft an effective marketing survey questionnaire, and can provide experienced advice on design of the marketing study, sample selection, and reporting objectives. We then develop a questionnaire, crafted according to principles of scientific survey design and fine tuned for readability and effective survey flow. Our goal is to "custom tailor" the questionnaire according to each client's unique needs and marketing objectives.

Cost Savings with Online Market Surveys

Amplitude offers all forms of data collection including web survey hosting, mail, and telephone research, and can provide experienced, unbiased advice on the most effective survey methodology for each project. For international market research surveys as well as nationwide, regional or metropolitan area sampling, and for many low incidence studies, online marketing surveys will often be the least expensive option. Telephone surveys can also provide cost-effective data collection depending on survey length, incidence rates, and type of respondent.

Online Marketing Surveys and Balanced Sends

Amplitude is frequently asked to apply Census matching to online data collection. This approach can be used where the target research population can be aligned with U.S. Census data for nationwide, metropolitan or other sampling group. The sampling methodology used for online marketing surveys is often referred to as a "balanced send". This concept is based on distribution of email invitations to survey panelists relative to the Census representation of each demographic sub-group, adjusted for response rates. Typical quota groups include gender, age, household income, ethnicity and geography, with the different cells within each group (such as age or household income ranges) having its own participation rates. A balanced send is distinguishable from a marketing survey questionnaire where "hard" sub-quota stops are implemented for each demographic.

Amplitude's professional staff includes skilled statisticians who are expert in online marketing surveys and can actively participate in sample selection and census matching, as well as provide weighting of survey data, as needed. We can also apply hard sub-quotas along with the balanced sends so that pre-identified sub-group targets are captured. In these cases, emails are distributed in waves over longer field periods of the online marketing survey with ongoing balanced sends. We can also administer sample from multiple vendors to provide a mix of panel sources or to deliver low incidence completions.

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