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At Amplitude, we're experts at online market research, with an in-house staff skilled at design, programming, analysis and reporting. We host our own surveys online using our advanced market research software and provide web survey administration to guarantee that our clients get the most out of the unique research opportunities of the internet.

Online market research has made it possible to extract increasingly specific and targeted data out of the market, enabling companies large and small to refine their business approaches to best serve their customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Top Quality Online Market Research Panels

Amplitude's survey solutions make the most of online market research technology. Together with our select panel partners, we offer exceptionally deep panelist databases that include a myriad of specific attributes in every single profile, allowing us to target survey respondents in specific and detailed ways that simply aren't available in other survey formats.

Our online market research panels include consumers, small business owners, business executives, IT professionals, and over 100 different survey selects.

Programming, Hosting, Advanced Software, Pristine Data

All of our online surveys are programmed and administered by our own staff, making it possible for us to go beyond a simple template and design a survey that truly takes advantage of the flexibility of the internet. Please contact us if you would like to take a sample survey.

Our software was specifically designed for flexible market research online and features more than 50 different question or logic formats, including:

  • skip logic
  • piping of responses
  • response validations
  • rotating ads
  • interactive maps
  • copy testing
  • 2,000 character comment fields
  • video streaming
  • conjoint surveys
  • randomized response options

Additionally, Amplitude does extensive data cleaning, including the use of online timers to monitor respondent completion times and verify the results of our market research surveys.

Foreign Language Solutions

The internet has made survey sampling across continents and cultures possible and in today's global marketplace, businesses increasingly need that type of research. Our online market research software supports all foreign language sets including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and German. Our full-service approach includes expert translations.

Please contact us to learn more about our online market research services.

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Panelspeak® is Amplitude's proprietary web panel. Since 2002, we have provided survey participants for all kinds of online market research studies including consumer market research, business-to-business market research, and technology surveys. By offering our clients full-service research capabilities, including high-quality sampling, we can provide higher returns on their research investments!

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