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Consumer Market Research - Representative Sampling

Amplitude Research offers comprehensive consumer market research and b2b market research services that help businesses large and small refine their marketing, identify new markets, better understand consumer buying habits, and develop new product and service lines. Our staff is highly skilled in all phases of consumer market research ranging from study design to survey programming and administration. We also offer a wide-range of reporting options and can provide expert advice on the effectiveness of different research methods.

Precise Targeting for Consumer Market Research

Since 2002, our Panelspeak® survey panel and select group of sample providers have provided affordable, top-quality sample for consumer market research studies. Our survey panel can target more than 100 different respondent profiles specially selected for consumer behavior research. Recently completed studies include such criteria as high net worth individuals living in specified geographic areas, online shoppers of luxury goods, air travelers to vacation destinations such as Walt Disney World, prospective real estate purchasers in targeted income brackets and regions, recent car buyers by model and year, and day traders using online brokerage accounts.

Our consumer market research profiles include age, gender, household income, job title, marital status, number of children, education level, zip code, ethnicity, and occupation. Our online market research panelists also select from over 25 recreational interests ranging from golf to computer gaming, and more than 50 consumer buying habits from coffee consumption to airline travel. We can also offer nationwide sampling balanced with U.S. Census Bureau statistics or targeted market sampling based on DMAs or zip codes.

Our precise targeting provides our clients' with consumer analysis tailored to their specific needs.

Accurate Results

All our consumer market research surveys are programmed and administered by our professional staff and hosted on a proprietary survey hosting platform. This results in higher response rates and allows us to monitor the completion times of each survey respondent, ensuring clean results. We also perform data cleaning in-house, to ensure our results are accurate and reliable.

We use market research software specifically designed for consumer market research surveys. It supports over 50 different question-and-logic formats including advanced skip logic, rotations, piping, image displays, Flash video streaming, and 2,000 character comment fields.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our consumer market research pricing and services. We also offer periodic nationwide surveys of consumers in the form of omnibus surveys that allow multiple client participation in U.S. census matching studies with 1,000 survey completes. Our census match studies include statistical oversight and balanced sends based on age, gender, geography, household income, and ethnicity.

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Consumer Market Research Panel

Our panelists include numerous individual profiles including demographic, recreational, and personal habits for consumer market research studies and for incidence rate testing through Census sampling. In addition, our business-to-business panelists include such profiling information as occupation, size of company, industry group, input on marketing or technology purchases, and final decision making.