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Consumer Surveys

Amplitude Research offers cutting-edge consumer surveys that help businesses focus on what consumers want and reach them in ways that are effective. Our consumer surveys are cost-effective tools to test the success of a current or planned marketing campaign, and to gauge consumer interest and identify specific demographics that may be receptive to a new product or service line.

Expert Design of Consumer Surveys

Our staff works with you to tailor a questionnaire specific to your needs. We can design online consumer surveys to test advertising copy, product packaging, brand awareness, product pricing, consumer interest and any number of other issues and concerns specific to your business. We have experts skilled at survey design, programming and administration, and we host our own surveys using our proprietary market research software, giving us the flexibility to offer anything from tightly targeted research to broad market overviews.

Our Panelspeak® online research panel provides top-quality sample for a variety of demographics, lifestyle and interest points, including more than 100 different respondent profiles. This allows us to conduct surveys that target the respondents you are trying to reach and gauge the effectiveness of your efforts. An Amplitude consumer survey can also help you identify new markets and test the untapped potential of current markets with new product or service offerings.

Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff)

Amplitude Research also offers extensive experience in the design and administration of consumer surveys focusing on the use of maximum difference scaling to evaluate the launch of a new product or service. This technique, which is gaining traction as an alternative to traditional rating scales, can often result in a more concise determination of market preferences. The consumer survey is programmed so that respondents are required to choose the most and least appealing items from a series of lists. For many respondents, this can be easier to understand and less subject to confusion than scaled items. Our statisticians use MaxDiff analysis to produce a written summary of findings based on the results. From a cost perspective, MaxDiff is slightly more expensive than a "normal" full-service survey and far less expensive than conjoint.

Innovative Technology

We have years of experience designing and deploying consumer surveys. Our advanced software allows us to use ad rotation, Flash video streaming, advanced skip logic, response piping and a variety of other cutting-edge features that make online consumer surveys more effective and enlightening than traditional research methods.

Online consumer surveys are an innovative and cost-effective way to gauge the market and focus your efforts to get the best return on investment.

Reliable Results

All our consumer surveys include rigorous data cleaning and the use of timers to identify respondents who rush through questionnaires. There is never a charge for data cleaning. Once the data is refined, we can provide the raw data, or generate detailed reports that include weighting, segmentation analysis and other statistical services, depending on the needs of the client.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our consumer surveys. Our pricing is always highly competitive.

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PanelspeaK® Survey Panel

Panelspeak® was launched in 2002 as an IT research panel and quickly developed into a full-scale survey panel for b2b and consumer research. We follow strict protocols for data quality and panelist registration. Our proprietary software applies seven distinct quality checks to filter sign-up information including GeoIP lookups and algorithmic searches for duplicate sign-ups. We are also one of the few consumer market research companies using mailed survey awards - - although more expensive, we believe this is the best method of respondent validation!