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Sample Employee Survey Questions

When designing an employee engagement or job satisfaction survey questionnaire, it is often helpful to first narrow down the topics the questionnaire should cover, and then focus on the specific questions within each topic applicable to that company. The number of questions used with an employee survey often far exceeds the number of questions used with a customer study given the closer nexus of employer / employee versus company / customer. Still, it is not possible to cover every topic and every question in a single survey for employees.

Survey questions for employees should cover those areas most relevant to a particular organization and its relationship with employees and staff rather than simply picking topics that look interesting or that encompass employee survey questions you like but are not important to your organization. The list of topics below represents some of those areas that we have most frequently deployed with our job satisfaction surveys. Organizations should view these employee survey sample questions as a suggestion list of ideas, from which questions can be used "as is" or modified to the specific needs of the organization. For a small fee, our expert design staff at Amplitude Research is always available to custom write employee engagement, employee benefit, and/or job satisfaction surveys to meet the specific needs of an employer organization.

Employee Survey Sample Questions: Popular Topics

When designing an employee satisfaction survey questionnaire, some of the more popular topics include the following items, with sample questions to survey employee satisfaction noted in parenthesis:

  • Satisfaction with work itself ("I feel satisfaction from my job"; "I like my job", "I enjoy the type of work my job requires"; "I am motivated to perform to my best abilities")*
  • Supervision ("I am satisfied with the way my supervisor treats me"; "My supervisor helps me to reach my career goals"; "My supervisor gives me useful feedback about my work"; "My immediate manager has an open-door policy")*
  • Coworkers ("I like my coworkers"; "My coworkers are motivated to improve the company's performance"; "My coworkers are people with whom I would socialize outside of work")*
  • Strategic direction ("I am familiar with the mission of this company"; "I have a clear understanding of how my department's goals and objectives relate to corporate goals and objectives")*
  • Culture ("This company is a great place to work"; "At this company employees come first"; "This company shows that it cares about its employees"; "Open communication is the norm in this company")*

Sample Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions: Other Topics

In addition to the above topics, the following are often popular selections to survey employee satisfaction, although not as frequently selected by our clients as the above survey questions for employees:

  • Teams ("I prefer working in a team rather than working alone"; "Work assignments are delegated appropriately within my team"; "Decisions are made in a timely manner within my team")*
  • Pay ("Compared to the base pay for similar jobs within this company, my base pay is fair"; "My total pay represents fair compensation for the work I do")*
  • Resources ("I receive the training from this company I need to do an excellent job"; "I have the research resources I need to do an excellent job")*

In addition to the above employee survey questions, other areas of interest (which are part of Amplitude's question library) include: benefits, technology, structure, work life interfaces, performance appraisals, commitment, EEO, work environment, work arrangements, procedural justice, and career development).

*The above sample employee survey questions are intended as examples only and may not represent the best items for inclusion in a given employee or staff satisfaction survey. In addition, the overall goals of the study must be given a priority, with questions for employee engagement surveys being somewhat different than traditional job satisfaction. In each case, employee survey questions should be selected and tailored to the specific needs of each organization.

Please contact us if you would like to engage Amplitude Research to design your employee satisfaction survey questionnaire and/or provide employee survey administration and reporting services. Our company is also expert in the design and administration of customer satisfaction surveys including online and mail methodologies.

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Employee Survey Questions

Amplitude Research has years of experience in drafting survey questions for employees and the design of questionnaires for job satisfaction surveys. Our question library has over 500 employee survey sample questions, and we also offer custom questionnaire writing by senior research professionals or statisticians. Our goal for each project is to customize the survey questionnaire, administration / data collection process, and reporting deliverable to the particularized needs and budget of our client.