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Employee Benefits Surveys

Amplitude Research has specialized expertise in the field of employee benefits surveys. Our professional staff includes knowledgeable retirement plan and benefits experts who are highly skilled in different types of employee benefit offerings and surveying of employees. This allows us work directly with your HR department to develop a questionnaire customized to your needs that can deliver actionable findings.

Overview of an Employee Benefits Survey

The phrase "employee benefits survey" traditionally refers to a survey of employee satisfaction with health and welfare plan benefits such as health, dental and vision care plans, life insurance programs, disability benefits, vacation pay, and paid time off. It can also include tuition reimbursement, on-site child care, and gym facilities.

Satisfaction with retirement plans is another area often covered as part of an employee benefits survey. The survey for employees might ask about overall employee satisfaction with the level of retirement benefits as well are more specific attributes such as the amount of company matching contribution, availability of investment options, vesting schedules, and communication booklets.

Inclusion of Compensation Related Questions

Although not strictly an employee benefits survey topic, many employers include a series of questions on employee satisfaction with their compensation amounts. This might include questions on salary, rate of pay, commissions, bonuses, and non-cash contributions (perks).

Tracking Over Time

Tracking the results of employee benefits surveys over time is a key to better understanding the importance of different benefit offerings. This is particularly important given recent economic events. Amplitude Research can leverage its experience in the field of employee benefits with surveying of parallel groups to create a normative comparison benchmark based on the specific attributes of your organization. This allows us to provide external benchmarking based on normative data reflecting the current economic climate.

Services We Provide

The types of services we provide are based on each client's needs and budget. For those clients that require administration only of an employee benefits survey, we can provide online, mail or telephone interviewing, with online data collection frequently used as a cost-effective, highly flexible solution. For those clients that require full-scope employee benefits surveys, we provide expert questionnaire writing and reporting of results. We offer a number of different reporting options ranging from top-line reporting to detailed PowerPoint reports with a discussion of key findings.

Benchmarking of Results

For an additional fee, we can also conduct a contemporaneous employee benefits survey of employees working for other companies in the same industry and of the same size to create a comparison benchmark. This can provide useful information beyond internal wave-to-wave satisfaction surveys and result in a more specific understanding of what benefit offerings might be most desirable in the current environment. Benchmarking surveys are efficiently administered through the use of Amplitude's proprietary consumer and b2b market research panels.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our employee benefits surveys and the services we can provide.

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