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Customer Survey Cost - Tailored to Your Needs

Amplitude Research can provide quick response cost quotes for all kinds of client and customer satisfaction surveys. In most cases, we can provide an informal cost estimate during a phone consultation or via immediate email response once we receive full details about the survey project. We do not have a formal pricing structure per se, but clients generally find our cost estimates to be highly competitive, particularly given the top levels of expertise and experience we bring to each project.

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Full-Service Customer Surveys

About 60% of our customer survey clients come to Amplitude Research for full-service projects. Our offerings include custom questionnaire writing; advice on sample size and survey methodology; list management; professional survey administration and data collection; and a broad range of data analysis / reporting services - - which can often be an important customer survey cost component.

All full-service client satisfaction surveys include (for a nominal fee) delivery of an Excel data file (or SPSS data file) of responses plus a top-line report with question-by-question bar charts of frequencies and means and medians, where appropriate. More advanced reporting services can cost from $1,200 to $4,500 with extensive data analysis and detailed written reports. Delivery formats range from five to six page executive summary reports of key findings to comprehensive PowerPoint reports prepared by our senior researchers or statisticians with specific suggestions for improving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Survey Administration Only Projects

The other 40% of Amplitude's customer survey clients contract for survey administration and data collection only, although many of these clients also request review of their questionnaire for statistical validity and other suggestions. Pricing for our survey administration and data collection services depends on a number of factors including survey methodology, length of the questionnaire, and number of customer records. In most cases, online customer surveys are the least expensive option, although about 30% of our customer surveys involve telephone interviewing and 15% are mail surveys. The size and quality of the customer records list, as well as the length of the questionnaire and type of customer relationship, are key determinants.

Comprehensive Reporting Services and Metrics

Our researchers and statisticians offer extensive statistical capabilities including development of client-specific satisfaction and/or loyalty indices, identification of key drivers of customer satisfaction, gap analysis, wave-to-wave comparisons of results, and review and incorporation of survey data from prior studies. The level of statistical analysis and custom report writing applied to a given project is determined by a variety of factors including the number of customer records i.e., the greater the number of survey completes, the more data there is for advanced analytics; the number of product lines, locations, customer types or other sub-groups; and a client's budgetary requirements. Our staff can quickly evaluate a client's specific needs and make reporting recommendations tailored to each project budget.

The more information we can learn about your company, the goals of the study, and the number / type of customer records, the more likely we are to provide an aggressive cost estimate. Therefore, we tend to ask a number of targeted questions during our initial client communications so that we can provide the best quote possible. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your next customer survey project.

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