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Quick Facts About Our Survey Company

The following Quick Facts provide additional information about Amplitude Research® and its history, media coverage, and survey expertise.

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  • Amplitude Research, Inc. was founded in January 2002 by Stephen S. Birnkrant, who is Amplitude's owner and CEO. Before starting Amplitude, Mr. Birnkrant had spent over 19 years as a practicing attorney in the areas of employee benefits law, business law, and tax law. His experience includes four years of practice with a large NYC law firm, and as a shareholder at a large Michigan law firm.
  • Mr. Birnkrant developed his knowledge of statistics while trading equity options for his own account as a registered market maker on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange during the 1980’s. He returned to college in the late 1990's and was a full-time student in Computer Information Systems at the University of Michigan - Dearborn. While there, he met and became friends with Professor Thomas Callahan, a professor in the School of Management and a Ph.D. researcher. Professor Callahan became a member of Amplitude's executive team and a board member.
  • Mr. Birnkrant met Amplitude's Director of Client Services - Frann Tillman - more than 25 years ago. She is a summa cum laude college graduate, has a Master's Degree in Accounting, and previously practiced in private accounting and as a certified public accountant. Ms. Tillman joined Amplitude in 2002 and is a member of Amplitude's executive team and a board member.
  • The name "Amplitude" Research was selected to convey our commitment to expert survey design and actionable reporting of results i.e., "loud and clear" research. We selected the word "Research" instead of "Surveys" to convey our full-service research expertise.
  • Amplitude's Panelspeak® survey panel was also launched in 2002. It originally started out as an IT panel, but quickly expanded into other areas of online market research including B2B and consumer panels.

Media Coverage:

  • Amplitude Research is frequently cited by the media for its consumer market research studies, and research in the b2b areas of technology and financial services. Examples of recent coverage are such topics as enterprise security, IT budgets, outsourcing, security audits, cell phone usage, text messaging, registered investment advisors, and investment strategies.
  • Amplitude often works with ad agencies, pr firms, and companies seeking to conduct informational research on subjects of business or consumer interest, or to better understand ad awareness, brand awareness, and other product /service related perceptions.

More Facts About Our Survey Company ...


  • Amplitude's client experience includes surveys for global, national and regional companies of all sizes, industries, and markets.
  • About 70% of Amplitude’s projects are full-service i.e., inclusive of questionnaire design, data collection, and reporting services. 70% of Amplitude’s projects include online surveys, with the other 30% split evenly between telephone and mail research. Each year we participate in over 1 million mail surveys.
  • Our experience and expertise includes customer satisfaction studies, customer loyalty studies, alumni surveys, employee surveys, field research, and all types of market research.
  • Amplitude Research is one of the few online survey companies to use its own proprietary survey and reporting software on many of its projects.
  • Our professional staff includes statisticians, Ph.D. researchers, project managers, Java programmers, Oracle database administrators, data entry specialists, and professional coders.

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